Our impact

From healthier ecosystems to hope for the future, the impact of our projects goes beyond numbers.  

Here is a snapshot of what we have achieved to date:

  • 4,522 Hectares under restoration
    • 2,386 hectares of natural forest
    • 2,136 hectares of regenerative agriculture and agroforestry
  • 4,461,348  Trees planted
    • 3,964,064 native trees
    • 497,284 agroforestry, fruit and cash trees
  • 3,064  People taking part in multistakeholder platforms and meetings

  • 3,848   People trained in agroforestry, regenerative agriculture and fire management and control

Our guiding principles  

All our work is guided by the following key principles: ecosystem integrity, inclusion and green growth.

Maintaining and
restoring ecosystem

We believe in working with nature, not against it. Our projects focus on regions that have suffered from deforestation and environmental degradation, but still contain vital habitats and biodiversity. Working at a landscape scale, we aim to regenerate ecosystems and the services they provide for people and nature.

Ensuring inclusion
and stakeholder

Our work grows from the ground up: all our projects are co-designed and delivered with local people to meet their needs. We believe that drawing on a diverse range of knowledge, skills, perspectives and experiences leads to better outcomes for everybody. A key step in all our projects is setting up multistakeholder platforms that convene at least four times a year to coordinate activities, review progress and address any gaps or grievances.   

Supporting green growth,
jobs and socioeconomic

Forest landscape restoration needs to be sustainable economically as well as environmentally. We contribute to socioeconomic development by creating jobs, improving the livelihoods of smallholders and communities, and supporting nature-friendly enterprises. Our projects integrate training, capacity building and technical support, especially for women and youth.  

Our projects

Explore our work in the field in Africa and South America


Atebubu and Wiase Forest Landscape Restoration

 A Living Lab for Community and Ecological Resilience.

restoring 4,500 hectares of natural forest restoration in degraded areas
planting 5 million native, indigenous and pioneer trees
planting 3,780 hectares of agroforestry, fruit trees and regenerative agriculture to boost productivity and incomes
planting 1 million trees of: cash crop, fruit and agroforestry trees


FASB: Fundo Ambiental do Sul da Bahia e Norte do Espírito Santo 


A future Hileia Baiana where people and nature thrive in harmony.

creating an ecological corridor of 500 km
connecting 150,000ha of forest fragments
restoring 3,000ha of new forests

Restoration and the Sustainable Development Goals  

Our projects deliver multiple benefits for people and planet, contributing directly to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including: