At iNovaland®  we transform sustainable investment ideas into tangible, greener, and more impactful realities for both people and our planet. We are a group of companies specialised in managing and investing in sustainable landscape restoration, including forestry, agroforestry, climate-smart agriculture and carbon accelerator initiatives in Africa and South America. We develop, deliver and accelerate projects in accordance with the guiding principles of ecosystem integrity, inclusion, and green growth.  

Our mission

Our mission is to restore and regenerate degraded forests and landscapes for the benefit of people, nature and the climate. We channel investments into innovative landscape restoration and nature-positive solutions, collaborating with a wide range of partners and putting communities at the heart of our work. 

We aim to create a greener, healthier and more prosperous future for all. 

Our founding story  

Our founders, Luis Neves Silva and Andrew Heald, first met at a New Generation Plantations (NGP) event in 2011. At the time, Luis was leading the NGP platform on behalf of WWF, while Andrew worked for forestry giant UPM. This led to a decade of collaboration, driven by a shared belief in the power of forests and landscape restoration to improve lives, reverse the loss of nature and tackle climate change. In 2020, they established iNovaland, with a mission to work with investors, funders, communities and smallholder farmers to channel investments into high-impact, nature-regenerating solutions.  

Within the iNovaland®, our work focuses on three main areas:

Finance and contract management

We boost investment into high-quality nature-positive and regenerative solutions by linking funders – including commercial investors, philanthropic organizations and companies – with projects in forest landscapes.

Technical assistance

We draw on our years of practical experience to support investors, donors, governments, communities, private companies and other partners to develop and implement projects that benefit people and planet in areas such as agroforestry, natural forest restoration and regenerative agriculture.  

Origination and project acceleration 

We bring people together from all over the world to originate and accelerate projects through knowledge exchange, find solutions to challenges, learn from each other and spark new ideas and collaborations by running study tours, online discussions and other dialogues. 

Our Group

iNovaland® represents an international private sector Group. Our parent company, iNovaland Group Holding, comprises iNovaland Investment Ltd, our management facility, and NGPTA Lda, our technical arm. With headquarters in Portugal and the UK, we are currently executing projects in South America and West Africa, focusing on forests, landscapes, and climate-smart agriculture. Our projects not only confront environmental degradation head-on but also mitigate climate change, empower communities to enhance resilience and adaptive capacities while restoring ecosystems.

In our operation, iNovaland Group Holding sets the strategy, ensuring our investments align with our principles of ecosystem integrity, inclusion, and green growth.  


NGPTA is our technical assistance facility that turns ideas into reality. By getting actively involved on the ground in forest landscapes, we support high-impact new or early-stage projects that deliver lasting benefits for people, nature and the climate.

Drawing on many years of experience, we provide support with the technical aspects of sustainable forests and landscapes restoration and regenerative & climate-smart agriculture. But our technical assistance also encompasses everything from coordinating multistakeholder dialogues to monitoring biodiversity and social impacts to building the capacity of smallholder farmers, leaders, local enterprises and community organizations.   

NGPTA currently runs projects in West Africa and South America. Importantly, all of our projects are co-designed and co-delivered with local communities, and we collaborate closely with multiple partners, including civil society organizations, private companies, government agencies and international donors.

About iNovaland Investment

iNovaland Investment Ltd, our management facility specializes in providing a range of services tailored to the needs of investors, project developers, and communities. These services include developing scalable proposals and projects, mobilizing funds, offering business development support, financial management, and contractual services. Our primary focus is on delivering maximum benefits and impact for the widest audience possible. Additionally, we prioritize transparent monitoring and reporting of social and environmental outcomes to ensure accountability.

Currently, we manage landscape restoration funds worth €20 million supporting forest and landscape restoration projects in West Africa and South America. We have ambitious plans to grow this portfolio, including by expanding to other geographies and into carbon and biodiversity investment markets.